Best Pets of the Week | October 2017 Week 2

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    From adorable baby goats in hats and jumping on trampolines to a girl getting surprised with a Golden Retriever puppy, here are the best pet videos of the week! Also, if you haven't heard, we are streaming live on Twitch 24/7 if you need more awesome pet videos!

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    Dog Digs Through Soil:
    French Bulldog Licks Baby's Head:
    German Shepherd Slowly Slides Off Couch:
    German Shepherd Winks: Submission
    Raccoon Snuggles with Girl:
    Dog Plays with Doorstop:
    Dog Scared of Moving Bone:
    Dog Wants Owner to Scratch His Head:
    Man Dances With Dog: Submission
    Dog Doesn't Want to Get off Bed:
    Baby Goats Run Around in Cowboy Hats:
    Persian Cat Can't Drink from Glass Cup:
    Dog Can't Find Ball:
    Shiba Inu Dog Says I Love You:
    Goat Falls off Trampoline:
    Cat Keeps Knocking Bottle Off Shelf:
    Dog Demands More Petting From Owner:
    Guy Surprises Girlfriend with Golden Retriever:
    Guy Gives Cat Goodnight Hugs Before Bed:
    Cat Teases Dog to Play:
    Dog Plays Soccer with Owner:
    Terrier Crazily Runs Around with Toy Rope:

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